The Milltown Market Building was erected in 1901 around the original Saw Mill (1876).

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The 100% post & beam Cedar construction has contributed to the longevity of this fine structure for over 100 years. The building has been used for many venues over the years but has never lost its original Character and Charm. Even today, it is a reminder of a time gone by. To our, North is the former location of the Wilmington Train Station, which is said to be one of the stations which President Lincoln's Funeral train car stopped. Behind our building is the Wilmington Fire Department.


Our MALL has many unique items. Over 100 vendors' and consigners' merchandise, is displayed in a very welcoming and attractive way. Hopefully, these suggestions may stimulate your mind …get your creative juices going … to just imagine the possibilities for your own home. 


Take time to peruse our booths and experience a walk in the past. There are many treasures for every taste.

It's fun to listen to comments "I used to have that" or "my mother or grandmother used to have that in her house "I remember it well, with warmth in my heart!"
"What a wonderful collection of gifts!" "This is the best store I have ever been to."

The oldest part of the building is from 1875. At that time it was a lumber mill, owned by J. H. Ray.

He had a contract with the coal mines in Braidwood, and Coal city for shoring. In 1885 in order to expand his business into retail, he built the building you see on Kankakee street sticking out about 6 feet. On the second floor of that area, he had living quarters, not for himself but for a live-in watchman.


In 1901 he built the post and building around it that exists today. It started out at 106ft 3 inch square, all post and beam cedar around the previous structures.


In 2017 we were notified by the Union Pacific that they were going to raise the road in front of our building on Kankakee street with no parking on our side of the street. After talking with them it was agreed that that would put Milltown out of business.

So we planned and decided to tear down the attached storage units on the south side of the building, that gave us 20 feet to provide parking for our customers.


So now Milltown is 106ft 3 inches by 86 ft 3 inches,

But on the bright side, we brought in around 7000 sq ft of the store under climate control. (heated, cooled) We are now around 16,500 to 17,500 square feet.


So please come in and enjoy. We recycled all the old timbers, and they are for sale, they are not barn siding they are big wood. So now our frontage is on Canal Street.


                                                                                                       See you soon,

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